"The Well" is the first puzzle in Virtual Villagers: A New Home.


You need at least a Trainee Builder which is given at the start to solve this puzzle.


When the player begins the game, one of the villagers will end up as a Trainee Builder. Take this villager to the well, and drop them on it. They will remove the wood, and soon, the puzzle will be labelled as complete. The well is located near north of the map.


  • Fresh drinking water for the villagers.
  • Water used for watering the crops.

Success Message

Your builder removed the cover from the well and now you tribe has fresh, clean water!


Virtual Villagers 1 Puzzles Milestones Guide 1 The Well

Virtual Villagers 1 Puzzles Milestones Guide 1 The Well


  • Although it sounds strange, drinking is just a boredom-induced past-time for villagers - it's not necessary for their health, unlike eating.

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