The Rainbow Totem is the twelfth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.


  • Level 2 Science
  • Clothing Hut
  • Several villagers


  • Once you have researched level 2 Science and built the Clothing Hut, you'll notice a blue, a yellow and a red dye to the east of the Farm.
  • Assign two of your villages to get the red and yellow dyes and they'll put them into the baths.
  • Once the water of the baths turns orange, the bathing heathens will get out of the water.
  • At this point, immediately assign your villages to start dismantling the Rainbow Totem.
  • However, the dye will wash out fast and the heathens will eventually return.
  • Keep repeating this sequence once the totem is fully dismantled.
  • Dismantling the Rainbow Totem will give access to the hot baths.
  • Once this final totem has been torn down, the heathens will retreat to their filthy encampment located at the southeast of the village.


Once the baths have been opened, your villagers will randomly go and bath there, which can heal them and increase their life span.

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