The Heathen Scientist is the thirteenth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.



  • Once the Knowing Totem has been dismantled and level 2 Science has been researched, a black board will appear at the west of the laboratory.
  • When the Heathen Master Scientist is there, assign your master scientist to work on a complex mathematical solution.
  • The Heathen Scientist will eventually come, examine and celebrate the solution and will start thinking (There will be a yellow orb blinking on his head similar to the Blue Heathens).
  • Once the orb over his head disappears, repeat this sequence again.
  • Do this three times in total and the Heathen Scientist will eventually be converted.
  • Once that's done, he'll drop a piece of necklace. Collect it with one of your children.

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