The Grand Feast is the eleventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life.



Phase 1
  • Have the children pick up the three herbs: spicy, soapy and sweet.
  • Fill the pot with fresh water and boil it.
  • Drag an adult to the table to start the stew.
Phase 2
  • Drop an adult on the food bin. Do this twice.
  • Drop an adult on the blackberry bush.
  • Drop an adult on the pier to get a fish.
  • Drop an adult on the fruit trees.
  • Drop a child on a mushroom.
Phase 3
  • After everything has been added, drop an adult on the pot.
  • When finished, all the villagers will come get a bowl and gather around the fire.


  • Usually, a rain will pour down after the herbs have been entered so that more mushroom will emerge afterwards.
  • Click on the pot to know the status of the cooking.
    • If it says incomplete, maybe you're missing something. Be sure to put the food from food bin TWICE.
    • If it says cold, it means the red stone has cool down and need to be reheated again.

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