The Farm is the fifth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.



Once the Knowing Totem has been dismantled, send a villager to the laboratory to start accumulating tech points and improving their science skill. Once the villager has mastered their science skill and level 2 Construction has been researched, send them to the aqueduct next to the farm to the northwest of the statue. While they are directing the repair of the aqueduct, send some of your villagers (better if they have building skill) to repair the aqueduct. Once the aquaduct has been repaired, you'll gain access to the Farm, which is a better source of food than the noni bush, and the Heathen Master Farmer at the Farm will be converted. Completing this puzzle will also trigger a cut-scene where it tells how the heathens came to exist.


  • Your villagers will gain access to the farm.
  • One piece of necklace.

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