Release The Kraken is the fourth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.



  • Once the crafting hut is built, drag a villager to the three empty buckets next to the bag of seeds.
  • The villager will gather water.
  • Once the water is collected, drag a villager to the crafting hut and give them the bucket of water. (If you give them the oil they'll take it to the Kraken statue to be lit.)
  • They will take the water to a rock that's been heated by lava next to the dining area.
  • After they cool the rock with water, you have to drag a villager onto the rock shortly after or it will heat again and you'll have to redo the process, including getting another bucket of water.
  • The villager will take the rock to the Kraken statue.
  • Drag another villager onto the Kraken statue and they will repair the Kraken's eye.
  • The villager must be an adept or master builder.
  • To find the other Kraken's eye, you can find another rock to the east of the island next to the large tree.
  • The rock is below the reeds.
  • Drag a villager to this rock and it will be taken straight to the Kraken statue.
  • Drop another villager onto the statue and it will fix in the other eye.
  • Afterward, villagers will begin to notice a rumbling from the south.
  • The rumbling is coming from the Heavy Stone and can be moved by two adept or master builders and gatherers.
  • If you only use one master builder, it will simply say they need help to push the stone.
  • When the builders remove the stone, a large portion of the water will be exposed and the Kraken will break through the rest, achieving the Release the Kraken puzzle.

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