Parenting is a skill available in the Virtual Villagers series that allow villagers to populate the village and is a necessary skill to prevent the tribe from dying out.


Reproducing is easy and simple. Players have to drag a male villager onto a female one (or vice-versa) and will receive one of three messages after doing so:

The villager improved at breeding.
The villager wasn't successful this time.
These villagers are both the same gender.
They're too hungry to think about this! 
This villager is still too young!

If the first message is received, only the dragged villager will receive breeding experience and the couple will move to the Love Shack in an attempt to produce children. Once the villagers exit the Love Shack, the female may come out with a child although this is not a guarantee and may take a few tries. When villagers are set to train the breeding skill, they will attempt to have children with any villager of the opposite gender. As such, it is not recommended to set males to breeding until much later in the game as they will give all female villagers a child to care for.

It is possible for villagers to have twins and triplets, but a higher fertility rating is required for it to work. It is not recommended to try for multiple births until at least one hut has been completely built to increase the population cap. Villagers that are set to train breeding as their main skill benefit from the Medicine technology as it increases the fertility rate.


Female villagers will have the responsibility of caring for their offspring and will not perform any activities besides nursing their children until they reach the age of two. Male villagers cannot nurse children. Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers can have a male villager to nurse the kid.

Children will be revealed to inherit appearances and a bit of skill from their parents once they are able to walk about on their own.


  • Players don't have to wait until the two villagers go inside the love shack to figure out if it worked. The population count will rise as soon as one is dropped on the other if successful.
  • In Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life, it is possible to select all male or female villagers, ending the game prematurely when they all succumb to old age. This can be avoided in the fifth game by converting a heathens of the opposite gender.
  • In Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, there is an extra puzzle with a Heathen Mommy who may be a Daddy instead. This is the only case of a male villager caring for a child.


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