Heathen Mommy is the extra puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.


  • At least three nursing mothers.


There is a blue masked heathen nursing a child, who's almost always located at the filthy encampment at the southeast of the village and she's often surrounded by orange masked heathens (sometimes red). In order to get to her, either use Swarm of Bees to get rid of the heathen guards or use a spare villager to lure them away. Also, they'll run away when it's raining. Once she's alone, drop three nursing mothers on her since she refuses to talk to normal villagers, and she'll be converted. The Heathen Mommy starts at the age of 20 like all the other normal heathens and is an adept at parenting.


  • Sometimes a Heathen Mommy can be a Heathen Daddy.