In Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, the player is introduced to special powers known as God Powers. Different God Powers have different effects and costs; the higher the cost, the more powerful the power.


Energy is the fuel used by the player in order to cast various God Powers. Players are able increase their maximum energy storage using various methods:

  • Collecting new relics
  • Increasing the population through birth (Making babies in the love shack) and heathen conversion
  • Upgrading the Spirituality technology
  • Building the statue north of the granary

When energy is used, it recharges on its own over time but can be hastened by collecting duplicate relics, having a villager talk to a heathen, and polishing the hand statue.

The List of God Powers

Power Cost Description
SpawnButterflies Spawn Butterflies 10 Energy Spawns a group of butterflies that both village and heathen children find irresistible.
SwarmofBees Swarm of Bees 25 Energy Spawns a swarm of stinging bees that will make any villager and most heathens within a select area run away. It can also be used to restore 20 noni fruits on the bush.
Sunshine Sunshine 50 Energy Clears up rain and fog, although clearing fog is not recommended.
LightningStrike Lightning Strike 100 Energy Casts a bolt of lightning on a selected area. It can be used to temporarily disable the Pain Totem and to chase all types of heathens away. More effective than the Swarm of Bees.
HandofBloom Hand of Bloom 150 Energy Instantly grows a cluster of mushrooms and flowers in a select area. Can be used on the farmland and noni bush to cause them to produce more.
Tempest Tempest 300 Energy Summons a rain storm. It can be used to fill up the lake at the south of the village.
FogofDoom Fog of Doom 400 Energy Summons a thick fog which makes the villagers invisible to heathens.
TimeWarp Time Warp 500 Energy Makes a villager super-fast, though it can only be cast on one villager per application. It can be used to complete Puzzle #12.
Revive Revive 600 Energy Revives a fallen villager. It must be done before the deceased villager is taken to the mausoleum and cannot be cast on a villager that has died of old age.
GrantYouth Grant Youth 700 Energy Brings a selected villager's age down to five, maintaining all of their previously earned stats.
Earthquake Earthquake 800 Energy Casts an earthquake onto the village. It is the only way to convert the orange- and red-masked heathens.

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