Fixing The Statues is the tenth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.


Yellow statue
  1. Collect 3 necklace pieces (one from day-2 daily chest, one from the cracks after day-5, and another one from cracks after day-10), then drag a villager to a shelf on the right of Dining Table to combine the pieces and bring to the statue place.
  2. Keep opening cracks after day-7 until a goldpan appears on the south-west shore of the river. Use it to pan for gold. Bring gold to the anvil. Repeat several times. Use Forge Bucket from the Crafting Hut.
  3. Draw some plans and enlighten 3 builders by making them reading the science board. They will then simultaneously work on the statue to complete it.

Red statue

  1. Prepare and eat the soup from water, hot stone and 3 herbs: spicy, soupy and sweet.
  2. Build the Clothing Hut then wait for a box of braids to appear in the ocean on the south. Bring braids to the Clothing Hut and fix them. Gather flowers from pollinated bush on the right of Kraken statue. Bring flowered braids to the tree.
  3. Bring a 14-year old to the red crab on the south shore to start capturing and bring one adult to finish. This will remove moss from the stone on the left river bank. Bring that stone to the statue.
Blue statue
  1. Bring Water from the Crafting Hut to the fire to reveal diamond and bring it to the statue.
  2. Use Jump Potion to bring ruby to the statue.
  3. Use chief to draw some plans and build the green statue.

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