A field of crops in Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Crops are food sources in Virtual Villagers (Series).


You usually get at least 800 food resources from each harvest. Some of the crops are turnips, corn, and carrots. Crops are usually the secondary food source in the game and has limited but replenish-able food.

A New Home

Crops can be planted and harvested after the villagers have purchased Level 2 Construction.

The Lost Children

Crops can be planted and harvested after the villagers have built The Dam.

The Secret City

Three crops can be planted. The first one can be planted at the start of the game. The second and third one can be obtained after solving The Lift puzzle.

Tree of Life

There is no crops available to be planted but the villagers can harvest a fruit.

New Believers

Crops can be planted and harvested after the player has completed The Farm puzzle.

Origins 2

Crops can be grown after the player researches farming level 1. Crops take approximately 4 hours to grow back and a total of 800 crops are produced per harvest.

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