Crafting interface

The crafting interface

Crafting is a feature introduced in Virtual Villagers Origins: 2.


Before the player is able to craft, they must build the Crafting Hut and complete its respective puzzle. Crafting requires resources, which can be found all over the island. Combining certain resources can create items that can then be used to complete additional puzzles or used for trading.

Crafting Combinations and Times

Resource Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Time to Craft
Antidote Poison Magic 5 min.
Rope Vine Vine 5 min.
Dust Earth Air 10 min.
Mixed Herb Grass Wheat Grass 10 min.
Steam Air Water 10 min.
Ash Fire Dust 45 min.
Clay Red Earth Water 45 min.
Energy Air Fire 45 min.
Holiday Light Glass Firefly 45 min.
Oil Coal Water 45 min.
Silk Web Web 45 min.
Stone Lava Water 45 min.
Bacteria Algae Water 2 hours
Clay Brick Clay Fire 2 hours
Metal Stone Fire 2 hours
Potion Magic Water 2 hours
Fertilizer Mixed Herb Earth 4 hours
Flour Wheat Stone 4 hours
Cement Stone Clay 8 hours
Dough Flour Water 8 hours
Glass Sand Fire 8 hours
Limestone Seashell Stone 8 hours
Magic Concentrate Magic Magic 8 hours
Worm Fertilizer Bacteria 8 hours
Forge Bucket Ceramic Clay 10 hours
Jumping Potion Magic Concentrate Air 10 hours
Ceramic Limestone Cement 12 hours
Mini Eggs Bacteria Pond Water 12 hours
Sulfur Fertilizer Limestone 12 hours
Blue Butterfly Blueberry Worm 24 hours
Green Butterfly Mixed Herb Worm 24 hours
Orange Butterfly Orange Worm 24 hours
Red Butterfly Strawberry Worm 24 hours
Blue Glass Blue Butterfly Glass 48 hours
Red Glass Red Butterfly Glass 48 hours
Yellow Glass Sulfur Glass 48 hours
Planting Soil Red Earth Moss 10 hours
Hardened Glass Glass Glass 10 hours
Soft Pot Clay Hot Oven 1 minute 15 seconds
Clay Pot Soft Pot Fire 10 hours
Fine Powder Charcoal Salt Peter 5 hours
Boom Powder Fine Powder Sulfur 10 hours
Boom Stick Boom Powder Bamboo 10 hours
Unpolished Mirror Hardened Glass Clay 10 hours
Paste Dust Oil 5 hours
Red Paint Paste Rose 10 hours
Blue Paint Paste Blueberry 10 hours
Green Paint Paste Moss 10 hours
Ore Lava Earth 48 hours

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