Children are a major part of the Virtual Villagers series, appearing in every Virtual Villagers game to date. Children are created when an adult villager is placed on top of another of the opposite gender, without rejection, and the adults go indoors. As a result of this, the female might come out holding a baby. Children normally age if the player is playing the game on fast, considering that for every hour that is played, the tribe villagers age two years. If the player has the setting on normal, it is one year aged per hour. They can learn healing


In Virtual Villagers: Origins

  • Children are able to pick mushrooms to add to the food supply of the village.
  • Children can heal other villagers

In Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

  • Children keep their ability to gather mushrooms to feed the village.
  • Since collectibles have been added to this game, children are also able to gather the collectibles, which convert into Tech. Points.
  • Children can heal other villagers

Growth of Children

When two adults of the opposite gender go indoors, the mother might come out with an infant. As the children age, different things will happen.

  • Newborn to 2 years - They are nursed by their mother.
  • 3 years old to 14 years - They keep a child-like attitude and perform activities, in which some can benefit the tribe.
  • 14 years old to 18 years - They can begin to contribute to the tribe by working.

By the age of 18 years, the children are counted as adults and are allowed to reproduce.

Appearance In The Games

In Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Upon starting a new game with easy mode set, the population of 7 villagers contains 1 child.
When beginning a new game with the default normal mode set, the population of 6 villagers has 1 child.
Lastly, after a reset or opening of a new game with the hard mode set, the population of 5 villagers only has, again, 1 child.

How To Gain Children

  • Have two adult villagers of the opposite gender get together with a possibility of creating a child (all games)
  • Through an island event where a villager finds a oily, blue liquid and drinks it, turning them into a child (A New Home)
  • An island event in which a tightly wrapped crate is found and is opened, adding 2 children to the population (A New Home)
  • Non-optional event where three children are found in a barrel (A New Home)
  • Non-optional event where two children are found in a trunk (A New Home)


  • You do not need to wait for the villagers to go "in-doors". Keep dragging female on the male or vice-versa until you see the female holding a baby.
  • The only skill children can learn is "Healing". Therefor, it is recommended that you use children to heal sick villagers.

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