• DanceGuy151


    December 29, 2017 by DanceGuy151

    Hello Virtual Villagers Wiki users. I'm DanceGuy151 (feel free to call me DanceGuy or DG) and I'm the new administrator on this wiki. I'm going to work to get all of the pages better organized and more complete. If you run into trouble, feel free to let me know. I want this wiki to be a welcoming place that is able to provide information to both fans and newcomers to the series.

    Now a little about me...

    I've been on Fandom (then Wikia) since 2014, and I've seen it change a lot. Since then, I've gained a lot of experience with it that has improved my abilities to code and format pages. That being said, I am HORRIBLE when it comes to designing.

    I've been a fan of Virtual Villagers since Virtual Villagers 2 came out, and since then I've played e…

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  • Supersonicman

    This story is set in virtual villagers: A new home okay.

    Pakwa was the very first child that arrived on isola. Her parents had died back on there original island but she always tried to forget that. One day, a villager named Taka gave birth to a young boy named Yahto. When the boy grew up to the age of 6, she was 8. This is the story of Pakwa and Yahto.

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