Banishing the Sharks is the eleventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City.



Your alchemy lab has to be finished in order to make the potion that will keep the sharks away. Depending on which Faction you've chosen will decide the type of herbs you need to mix in order to get the right potion.

  • Nature Faction: Mix 2 parts black orchids with 1 part pitcher plant.
  • Magic Faction: Mix 2 rose parts and 1 part berry.


  • Make several villagers drink the potion and take the vials to the sharks. As soon as the first villager reach the water the sharks will be gone.
  • The end result for getting rid of the sharks is the same but depending on the faction they will have different effects on the sharks.


Once the sharks are banished you will have unlimited supplies of food since your villagers will have the ability to fish from now on.


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