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(Puzzle name) is puzzle #_(puzzle number) in Virtual Villagers: (Installment name, make this title a link as well, ex. Virtual Villagers: A New Home).


Things you have to do/have to be able to do this puzzle and complete it; put them in a bullet point list, like this:


What to do to finish the task.

Success Message

The text in the green box that pops up when you complete the milestone. Put in quotations marks (" ") and make bold by putting the quoted text inside three apostrophes (''' ''').


What completing the puzzle unlocks/allows (e.g. It increase your villagers' longevity). If there is more than one effect, put the effects in a bullet point list.


Screenshots demonstrating the milestone's appearance in the Puzzles screen, what to make the villagers do to complete it, a picture of the success message, and the finished puzzle.

Remember to use the Gallery option, not the Photo option.

Gallery settings:

  • Photo size: 185 pixels (185px)
  • Gallery position: Center
  • No. of columns: Fit to page
  • Photo spacing: Medium
  • Photo orientation: Leave photos in their original shape
  • Caption position: Below photo
  • Caption alignment: Center
  • Caption size: Medium
  • Caption color: Black
  • Border width: Small
  • Photo border color: Default dark blue

Screenshot order:

  1. Uncompleted milestone; caption: "Incomplete puzzle"
  2. Villager(s) doing task; caption is custom fitted to the specific puzzle
  3. Success message; caption: "Success message"
  4. Completed milestone; caption: "Complete puzzle"


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(Game name) is the (game number) game in the Virtual Villagers series. (State the location and a summary of the goal of the game.)


(Describe the various aspects of the game. Make a new subheading ( ===[name of section here]=== ) for each section; i.e. Tech Points, Storyline, etc.)

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